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News and Announcements
  • 5/15/2017

    Please click here to read Men’s Basketball Rules Committee Looks at Future of the Game (, May 12).  Recommendations include extending coach’s box to 38 feet for next season.

  • 5/10/2017


    The 2017 Regional Clinics have been set. Please see the dates and locations for this year’s Regional Officiating Clinics. Registration for the Regional Officiating Clinics will open up in July.




    Saturday, Sept. 23

    Marriott Phoenix Airport

    Phoenix, AZ

    Saturday, Oct. 7

    NCAA Office^

    Indianapolis, IN

    Saturday, Oct. 14

    Atlanta Airport Marriott

    Atlanta, GA

    Sunday, Oct. 22

    Philadelphia Airport Marriott

    Philadelphia, PA

    ^Lodging for the Indianapolis clinic will be at the Fairfield Marriott.

    *Note: The Men’s Coordinator of Officials meeting (Divisions I, II and III) will take place on Friday, September 8 in Indianapolis.

  • 4/26/2017

    Please click here to read Summer Teaching Points – Mechanics Memorandum, by J.D. Collins, NCAA National Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officiating.

  • 3/20/2017

    The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee has made the officiating assignments for the Regional Rounds of the 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

    Please click the Men’s Final Four Logo below to access important information in the event you have been selected to officiate. A new browser will appear when you click the logo, and at the bottom of the new page you must login using your “last name” and the “last four digits of your social security number.”

    If you experience issues, please contact Jay Jay Rackley ( or 317-917-6834).

  • 3/3/2017

    Coaches, Officials, and Conference Coordinators,

    As we edge closer to the end of the regular season and the start of conference tournaments, please take the opportunity to listen to the attached message from J.D. Collins, the NCAA National Coordinator of Officials.

    Stay healthy and be safe.

    Brad Taylor
    NCAA Men's Basketball

  • 2/21/2017

    2016-17 NCAA Men's Basketball Video Bulletin - 11 (Non-Eligibility) is now available. To view the video, click the VIDEOS Tab.  

  • 2/13/2017

    Please click here to read Sportsmanship Memorandum by Mark Hollis, NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee Chair. 
  • 1/24/2017

    I hope you all are well. I am reaching out to you to remind you of the upcoming Officials NCAA Eligibility deadline.  All in-season training videos that are posted on the ArbiterSports site must be watched by January 27th at 7 pm ET.  Please make sure to confirm your NCAA eligibility by checking on the ArbiterSports site.
    Once you have watched the video you will receive a certificate of completion. If you feel like you did not receive credit for a video, please contact ArbiterSports.  After viewing a required video in its entirety, you may return to your Eligibility Center and click Review Clinic to rewatch it.
    Best of luck with your upcoming assignments.
    Be safe and stay healthy,
    Brad Taylor
    NCAA Basketball
  • 1/17/2017

    We hope you will join with us to support the fight against cancer.  By making a pledge to donate 25% of ONE game fee that you officiate for the week of January 23—29, 2017, you will help further our efforts to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. For your minimum donation in the amount of $20.00, you will be sent a pink whistle and pink lanyard to be worn by the crew. Please click here for more information.

  • 11/11/2016

    Please click here to listen to an audio Message from J.D. Collins, NCAA National Coordinator of Officials, regarding the Start of the Season.  To view the audio script, click here.
  • 9/26/2016

    Click here to read the Sportsmanship Memorandum by Dan Guerrero, NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Oversight Committee Chair, which was sent to all Division I Men's Basketball Head Coaches.

  • 8/22/2016

    The Atlanta Tipoff Club announced today that Dick Cartmell has been named the 2016 Naismith Men’s College Official of the Year.  First awarded in 1988, the award recognizes individuals who display character, integrity and dignity and have contributed mightily to the growth, success and viability of college basketball.  To be eligible, an individual must have been involved with the sport as a game official for a minimum of 20 years, worked the NCAA Tournament as a game official and worked conference tournaments as a game official.  READ FULL ARTICLE

  • 8/5/2016

    Division I officials:

    In preparation for the 2016-17 men’s and women’s basketball season, we wanted to make you aware of a change in the background check process. The NCAA has partnered with Verified Volunteers to conduct this year’s background checks. Verified Volunteers, which specializes in non-employment background screening, is an electronic based system that will require officials to create a user name and password to log into the system. Officials will receive an invitation email from Verified Volunteers as soon as your conference coordinators of officials submit their rosters.

    Note: For officials that work multiple conferences, you will only be required to complete your background check once, so make sure to use the same email for all the conferences in which you work. Please contact Verified Volunteers at if you received multiple invites.

    The full process of completing the application is in the attached pdf, which includes entering your information and answering questions should take no more 10 minutes. Screens shots have been provided in preparation for accessing and answering questions. Please complete your background check no later than September 15, 2016 to ensure NCAA Championship eligibility. Once completed, officials should allow a few days for their background checks to be processed before reviewing their results. If there are any questions regarding the new process, please contact Verified Volunteers NCAA Customer Care Team at 855-326-1860, Extension #1.

  • 8/1/2016

    Please visit the Center Court Central Hub frequently to stay current on the latest Men’s Basketball officiating news and information.  On the central hub, you’ll be able to read the latest rules interpretations from the Secretary-Rules Editor and bulletins from the National Officiating Coordinator, complete your requirements to be considered for a postseason assignment, and review videos of recurring plays and how they are to be officiated.

    To register, click the REGISTRATION Tab at the top of the page.

    The 2016-17 NCAA Men's Basketball Officiating Exam will be available on the TESTING Tab in mid-September.  When available, the 2016-17 Men’s Basketball Officiating Video can be accessed on the VIDEO Tab.  Searchable rules and case books are available by clicking on the RULES BOOKS Tab.

    This year’s Welcome Packet includes the 2015-16 and 2016-17 NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Book, 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Case Book, and 2016-17 Men’s CCA Mechanics Manual.

    For Regional Clinic Registration, please click HERE.  When you register for the clinic, be sure to use the same email address that you used for your ArbiterSports registration to ensure you receive credit (a green checkmark) in your Eligibility Center.

    I am excited you have chosen to register with the NCAA.  If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, please email me at

    When the officiating community is literally all on the same page, it is good for the game!

    Have a great season!

    J.D. Collins
    NCAA National Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officiating

  • 5/20/2016

    The Men’s College Basketball Officiating, LLC (MCBO) Mechanics Committee met during the Final Four in Houston. As a result there will be several changes to our mechanics manual that will be explained during the fall regional clinics.  Please click here to read the Summer Teaching Points Memorandum.

  • 1/5/2016

    Please click here to listen to an audio Message from J.D. Collins, NCAA National Coordinator of Officials, Regarding Shot Clock Plays.

    Click here to read Rule Clarification and Case Plays, Prepared by Art Hyland, NCAA Men’s Basketball Secretary-Rules Editor, January 4, 2016.  

  • 12/23/2015

    Season’s Greetings!!!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!!!




    J.D. Collins and Brad Taylor

  • 12/14/2015

    To all:

    Please take the opportunity to listen to the attached message from J.D. Collins, the NCAA National Coordinator of Officials regarding a new mechanic that needs to be used for players going out of bounds on their own volition. This mechanic is to be used immediately.
    As always, stay healthy and be safe.

    Brad Taylor
    NCAA Men’s Basketball

  • 12/14/2015

    To all:

    We would like to acknowledge a positive start to the season and encourage you all to keep up the good work. As you get ready for your weekend assignments please take the opportunity to listen to the attached message from J.D. Collins, the NCAA National Coordinator of Officials.

    Stay healthy and be safe.

    Brad Taylor
    NCAA Men's Basketball

  • 11/13/2015

    To all:

    With the season upon the NCAA staff would like to wish you all the best of luck as we begin the games today. As you prepare for upcoming assignments please take the opportunity to listen to the attached message from J.D. Collins, the NCAA National Coordinator of Officials.

    Stay healthy and be safe.

    Brad Taylor
    NCAA Men's Basketball

  • 11/6/2015


    Greetings to all:

    It has come to my attention that there may be different interpretations of how we should enforce the delay of game procedures for disqualified players, injured players and time-outs.

    First let’s look at the rule(s):

    Rule 4, Section 10, Art. 1.g and Art. 2:

    Art. 1: A delay is any action that impedes the progress of continuity of the game.  Such actions include but are not limited to: (g.)  Delaying the game by failing to resume play immediately following the second horn indicating the end of a time-out or when a disqualified or injured player must be replaced.

    Art. 2: One team warning shall be given for each of the delays in Rule 4-10.1d through g.  Each warning shall be reported to the official scorer and recorded in the scorebook.  Thereafter, a technical foul shall be assessed for the delay that has previously received a team warning.

    Rule 10, Section 4, Art 4.2.g

    Art. 2: A technical foul (after a warning) shall be assessed to a coach and all bench personnel for the following infractions: g. The head coach failing to replace a disqualified player within 15 seconds or an injured player within 20 seconds when a substitute is available or failing to resume play immediately following the second warning horn indicating play is to resume following a time-out.

    The administering official has primary responsibility in determining if a team is causing a delay and not immediately ready to begin play.  The two other officials have secondary responsibility.  If a team is not imminently ready to put the ball in play issue a delay of game warning per rule and subsequently issue a Class B technical foul.

    As officials we still have the responsibility to know whether a player is delaying putting the ball back in play:

    1)  Player standing by the administering official ready to put the ball in play – acceptable.

    2)  Team has broken the huddle prior to the second horn and the thrower-in is within a reasonable distance and making his way to the throw in spot – acceptable.

    3)  Team has broken the huddle prior to the second horn, but the players are still standing near the bench listening to the coach and not allowing the ball to be put in play immediately – unacceptable.

    As officials, we still must judge whether the team/players are ready to resume play or whether they are in fact delaying the process by impeding the progress of continuity of the game.  It is important that we all make this philosophic and habit change for the benefit of the game.

    Best regards,

    J.D. Collins
    NCAA National Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officiating

  • 11/6/2015

    CBB Live:  Rules Special now has two air dates before the start of the season on ESPNU.
    •    Monday, November 9 – 5 ET to 5:30 ET
    •    Friday, November 13 – 6 ET to 6:30 ET – Opening night
    Show Description:  ESPN CBB analysts Dino Gaudio & Sean Farnham; National Coordinator J.D. Collins & longtime officials Pat Adams & Jamie Luckie break down some of the new rules in men’s college basketball.
    Set your DVR.

  • 11/2/2015

    IT IS GAME TIME!    

    Many of you have begun the 2015-16 season with scrimmages and exhibition games.  As you learned at the Regional Clinics, we have 25 + rule changes to enforce and a directive to reduce physicality to create freedom of movement.  As you work scrimmages/exhibition games, IT IS THE TIME to set the standard by calling fouls on physical play.  If displacement exists - CALL THE FOUL!

    A special thanks to Art Hyland and Ted Hillary for assisting with the Regional Clinics.  In addition, having the support of each Coordinator of Officials is greatly appreciated.

    I am in the process of meeting with as many media personnel as possible.  It is our desire to educate the media regarding the new rules and the directive to reduce physicality.  We all know that there will be pain involved if we do our part.  We also know that we have more support than ever before to make a positive impact on our game.

    NOW IS THE TIME, WE CAN NO LONGER DEFAULT TO THE NO-CALL: Call the fouls, be consistent and be diligent with the whistle!

    Best of luck as you begin your season.

    J.D. Collins
    NCAA National Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officiating

  • 10/14/2015

    You should receive your Welcome Packet 7 to 10 days after you register with NCAA Men's Basketball.  In the meantime, please remember that the Rules Book, Case Book, and CCA Manual App are all available online, including PDF, ePub, and Mobi versions. 

    To access the Rules and Case Books, click the RULES BOOKS Tab, and then the CCA APP Tab to access the Manual.

    If you registered more than two weeks ago and have not received your welcome packet, please contact Technical Support ( or 1-800-311-4060).

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